IoT Electrical Engineer


We are seeking a computer or electrical engineering with significant Arduino design expertise:

  • Design and layout of integrated controllers that incorporate our existing boards, shields, feathers and wings into a single board or boards.
  • Cable and connector engineering for a high-stress, high-load environment.
  • Development of OTA software update capabilities for all Connected Devices.
  • Improvement of network device management, security, performance, etc.
  • Working with fab houses to get boards made and tested.
  • All of the usual electronic product engineering tasks including packaging, power, agency approvals, etc.
  • Some industrial design to package all of the electronic components to protect them from the environment, shock, etc.
  • Working closely with our game developers on our game sequencer, which orchestrates all of the physical elements of our system with game play.

Skills and background:

  • BS or MS in computer engineering or electrical engineering.
  • Transducer interfacing, specifically accelerometers and strain gages.
  • Advanced signal processing of transducer data.
  • Board design and layout, especially Arduino reference designs around the Cortex M0 and M4 family of devices, as well as the ESP32 family of devices.
  • Software development for real-time data processing, sensing, networking and control.
  • Expertise with Arduino-based software development including IP networking, web server and client, WebSocket, device management, JSON, control systems, etc.
  • C, C++ software development in an embedded systems environment, which means very efficient code, use of memory, speed/performance and hard real-time.
  • Expertise with the Arduino IDE including the ability to configure compile-time variables to be set/selectable from the IDE.
  • As a plus, expertise with gaming systems that incorporate physical devices including sequencing, events, timers, progress, and so forth.
  • Plus-plus if you have experience and expertise with writing patents and supporting the patent process.

The Company is well funded and has strategic partnerships with the leading companies in our space, in tech and hospitality. All of our team members, partners, advisors and investors are big fans of the sport we are transforming, so that is a hard requirement for anyone who joins our team. For the right person, this is a dream job – tech, sports and entertainment all in one.

If you are a top engineer looking for far more challenge and far more fun in your career, we invite you to contact us.


We believe in the flexibility of remote work. However this role will require some physical access to our R&D facilities in the Seattle and greater area.


This position reports into our CTO, who was a software engineering leader at Google pre-IPO. He is a dynamic engineer with a huge passion for the sport that we are transforming. To apply for this position contact [email protected].